FLASH Blog – Yellowstone Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Yellowstone Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon

46.5% ABV

£52.00 from Ocado

Today is National Bourbon Day (14th June 2022)

Available from Ocado, Yellowstone Select is a masterful fusion of flavours from seventh-generation master distiller Stephen Beam – descendant of the legendary Beam and Dant whiskey families.

Distilled at Limestone Branch Distillery in Lebanon, Kentucky, the whiskey features a blend of 4-year-old and 7-year-old Kentucky straight bourbons.


A spice driven sweet initial impression. For a straight bourbon I expect there is a significant amount of rye in the mash of this whiskey. Rye is quite prominent in its earthy spiciness. There is definite sweetness though. Lots of vanilla and cinnamon. Rye crackers, with nuts and seeds. Warming ginger and sweet sticky cinnamon buns.


The higher alcohol content really transports some serious flavour. Presenting itself in a very ‘smooth’ and viscous way. Lots of thick sticky caramel and spiced toffee. Vanilla laden fudge. Some nicely balanced spice comes into play with a noticeable spearmint note.


A refreshingly light finish. The spearmint carries through with a little sugar and spice. Makes you hunger for another sip.

Adding water.

Adding a small splash of water gives a sweeter presentation removing some of the spicier notes in favour of a sweeter, more vanilla rich experience. The spearmint is lessened also and the whiskey becomes a much easier, traditional bourbon experience. It’s worth trying with and without water to find which you prefer. It really is two different drinks in one!


A delightful bourbon with some complexity and exciting variations with and without water. Recommended for those who wants to try something different from their normal bourbon choice. I can see this whiskey working brilliantly in cocktails and would really boost up an old fashioned or Manhattan to new levels.

SMWS 2020 Global (Virtual) Gathering Discovery Pack Review

SMWS Discover Pack review for the 2020 Global Gathering. Includes.

Watch it here on Youtube!!!

Buy the pack here.

26.145 Mood-lifting sanctuary

35.259 Rumtopf, birnenbrot and stollen

7.243 Twinning

10.195 Shiver me timbers

53.332 Storm-tossed kelp on an Islay beach

Get your own in time for the live tasting on the 6th of September from SMWS.


New Whisky Reviews – Lockdown Week 2


Here we are in Lockdown week 2 (week late I know), and heres a round up of the reviews for that week.

The full review of Daftmill Winter 2007:


A rather fruity SMoS Reserve Cask release of Glen Elgin, bottled at 13 years old:


And a bloody gloriously young Arran 9yo from a leaky cask and bottled for the Good Spirits company by Morrison and Mackay. 9 Years old, 42.1% and absolutely delish!

Oh, I also open the Lockdown week 2 bottle! Id say no spoilers but I’ve just released the full review video of it on twitter! 🙂


Enjoy, stay inside, stay safe, keep your health!  See you next week!

Playing Catch up!


So, I’ve been doing a bunch of video reviews recently and neglecting the blog a bit.  Here’s some of the latest video reviews, take a look, subscribe, like (or not), and catch you soon with more video reviews! 🙂














Drinks by the Dram Spirits Advent Calendars 2019.

Drinks by the Dram Spirits Advent Calendars 2019.

And another year is quickly evaporating like a bottle of Bruichladdich 10 year old (they go quite quick in my house. Lovely juice). And as such we are coming up on silly season and here comes the best advent calendars that money can buy.

This year the drinks by the dram spirit filled advent calendars deliver once again. 2019’s offerings range from £49.95 (Boutique-y Gin calendar) to £9,995(!) for the most premium of premium whisky calendars.

Everything is available at Master of Malt right now. Why not get one for a loved one, that includes yourself by the way! Here’s a link for your loving perusal.

This years offerings include whisky, gin, vodka, tequila, mezcal, Armagnac, Irish, American, world whiskies, cognac, rum, Japanese, absinthe, and my own personal favourite the Boutique-y whisky company version! But failing all those options this year you can even create your own!

I can’t wait til December to get tucked into mine!

If you do get yourself one of these calendars Id love to hear from you on twitter @dvdbloke when you  open them up each day on the run up to Christmas.  Send me your thoughts in a tweet and a mini review!