Hammerhead 1989 Czech single malt Whisky review.

    Hammerhead. 1989 Czech single malt Whisky.

There’s a nice story to go with this malt. As to its authenticity or if its good marketing, well. That’s a matter of opinion I suppose. I’d like the story to be true in all honesty.

Colour. Amber +2 I think. Can’t imagine any e150 in this one.

Straight up.

Nose. Lemon tart. Citrus. A little soap. After 10 mins in the glass. Rich lemon polish. Honey floral sweet. V fresh. Slight curry powder in background.

Palate. Light. Crisp. Watery. Pepper. Citrus. Smooth.

Finish. Drying citrus. Lemon peel. Light clean malt.

Small drop of water.

Nose. More subtle wood spice – cardamom – curry!. Less citrus. Still very light and have to search for aromas.

Palate. Drier and sweeter! If that makes sense! Think small drop has killed it a little.

Finish. More malt. Less citrus. Just after publishing this review I took another swig and found some more recognisable old wood notes. Aged Sawdust.

With or without water?. Hmmm. Tough one. I would say a small drop makes nose open up a little more but kills the fruity taste and makes it a little more bland on the palate. Finish is much of a muchness either way.

Conclusion. Very easy drinking. Its all about the citrus with this dram. Is that a standard pot still effect? As for its age, 20+ year old? Hmmm. Doesn’t feel that old. Still very fresh and clean tasting. Nonetheless it’s a very pleasant experience.

This review was on a freshly opened bottle. As such I will revisit it in a month or two and see if the review stands. Maybe post an update if there are wild differences! 🙂

Thanks to my fellow malt mate Roman Matoska for the bottle! Cheers dude!





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