Nickolls & Perks Exclusive Glenfarclas family cask. 2003. Cask number 1448 – Review

Nickolls & Perks Exclusive
Glenfarclas family cask. 2003.
Cask number 1448.

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Rich treacle.


Restrained sherry. Furniture polish. Thick rich toffee. Glutenous sugar. I adore this nose. I don’t know why they don’t make perfume like this. It’s not alcohol it’s heaven. After settling in the glass for 15 minutes more spicy sherried oak comes to the forefront with the familiar Christmas pudding notes shining away.


Rich and mellow considering the strength. Heavy sherry monster. So viscous and oily. It’s gloriously rich and costs everywhere. Chewy sherried malt. So thick with fruitcake. Chocolate coming through as well.


Sherried oak spices that goes on for ages and just internal warmth. That’s a glorious dram.

Adding water?

You know I don’t want to add water to this one. I’m enjoying it too much! But in the interest of science. A very small drop into half a dram. And wait. (Patience!!). Hmmm. It’s kind of reset the nose. Less sherried malt and back to the more restrained spicy oak aged profile. It’s not a bad thing. But. I prefer the settled down without water nose. Ahh. On the palate there is more layering to the fruits and chocolate. A little nuttiness coming through the spiced oak also. Finish feels a little richer with more age. Maybe the drop of water isn’t so bad after all. I’ll try another drop of water in what’s left. Just a small one! Nose weakened some more. Still has a good aged oak nose but the fruitcaky pleasure I love is toned down a lot. Palate is now loosing the oiliness and hasn’t benefitted from the extra water in my opinion. So, in conclusion on the water argument. I would say no water. Tho maybe worth putting a drop in close to the end of your dram to experiment and make your own mind up with.


This is a rich, beautifully made whisky. It’s definitely one that I like more than most because of my sherry monster preferences. It is a monster. But a soft cuddly one that makes you lovely and cosy and warm inside. It’s quite an expensive bottle, but if you like your heavily sherried malts and have the dough. Then it’s worth the splash out in my opinion. But if your anything like me. This bottle won’t last a long time. It’s very more-ish!

Thanks go to Nickolls & Perks for providing me with the dram. It’s greatly appreciated and enjoyed.

You can buy this bottle for £100.00 from Nickolls & Perks.20130413-221915.jpg