Whisky Review – Kilchoman Loch Gorm

Kilchoman Loch Gorm.
5 year sherry cask, 6 month finish in hogshead.

£56.95 from the Whisky Exchange


BBQ bacon fat initially which dissipates quickly. Medicinal peat. Tar. Dark fruits take some searching out but they are there. Gone back to more creosote and burning ropes now. This nose keeps swapping around. Medicinal is back. Now something almost chocolate. Grassy cowsheds.


It looks very oily in the glass I wonder if it will feel that way. Arrival crisp and light. Development gets hot. Chilli pepper. Oily mouthfeel is in there. Sweet and sour. Some grassy hay. Salt. Not getting an awful lot of sherry influences.


Long. Grassy. Warming. Drying. Medicinal Peat heat. Creosote.

Adding water?

Peat on the nose is reduced. Giving way to more sherry notes. Dark fruits. Palate is fruitier as well. But there is still a fair amount of islay there. Finish is lighter but still has the complexities.


A different dram. It’s tasty and definitely can take and benefits from a drop of water. Definitely has more apparent age in the glass than the real life age. Goes to show that age doesn’t always count!

Bought from the Whisky Exchange