Whisky Review – Bally delicious blended malt.

Bally delicious blended malt.
23 year old. Single cask.

£59.95 from Master of Malt

Colour. Light amber.


Strong pepper and spice. Baked apple. Cinnamon. Complex oak spice. Not much in the way of smoke. Orange peel. Marmalade. Sat in the glass for 10-15 minutes. Rich oak coming through and citrus peel. Some floral. A very complex and compelling nose.


Hot pepper. Spicy. Then fruit in the development. With chilli heat. Complex fruits. Exotic even. Pineapple. Oily mouthfeel coats everywhere. Very chewable.


Drying spices and oak influence. Vanilla. Old style chewy fruit sweets. Fruit salads that’s it. Some peach long after tasting and subsequent drinking of water! Nice and warming going down.

Adding water?

It’s quite high abv so adding a few drops into my half a dram. Nose becomes increasingly floral. Still has the complexity of the wood spices. But lacking some of the fruitiness. Some Parma violets coming through now. Lesson heat but still has a chilli bite. There’s more sugary elements and less of the fruit seen before. Sweet shops. The finish has a little more mustiness and saltiness.


A cracking deal this. Good age gives damn good complexities and that means its a great sipping dram to explore. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Thanks to MoM – Review sample provided by Master of Malt


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