Whisky Review – St. Isidore

St. Isidore.

£59.95 from Master of Malt

Colour. Gold.


Intense and busy. Seaside coastal. Smokey brine. Something sherried in the background. Left in the glass for 10-15 mins I find it gets less intensive with more fruit coming through. Some creamed plummy jam. Bananas. Smoke and saltiness subsided but in background. It’s as if the fruit/smoke intensity swaps place with time. Creamy toffee sweets.


Oily warmth. Fruit and cream compote. Some summer berries. Black pepper. Toffee caramel.


Medium. Rich fruit Toffee chews. Ends with smokey spiced wood chips.

Adding water?

A small drop into the last half of my dram. More coastal smoke becomes evident in the nose revitalising the original assessment. Some more buttery notes are apparent also. Palate is better integrated with the lesser alcohol. A creamier texture and very chewable. The finish is smoother and better balanced. Personal opinion. A little water in this dram goes a long way.


A very special blend indeed. Has a lot going for it. Some good complexities and variations makes it both an easygoing dram but also one to challenge the senses with.

Thanks to MoM for review sample of St. Isidore


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