Whisky Review – Big Peat Small Batch

Big Peat Small Batch
50cl bottle. 50% ABV
Limited to 250 bottles

Available only at Big Peat’s online store. £29.99 a bottle


Light white wine.


Sweety peaty reeky! BBQ seafood. Vanilla. Waves of medicinal peat and fruit citrus peels interchange.


Crisp and clean peat. Chewed grass notes. Some vanilla. Fruit on the tongue. Some apples.


Warm peat sticks around for a while. Leaving some oaky vanilla. Drying peat earth ends the long finish.

Adding water?

A small drop in the 1/2 dram I have left. Peat reek increases and is actually quite intensive and fantastical. The palate has more balance with nice differentiation between the fruit and peat. Finish leaves more fruit and a smoky bonfire aftertaste. Definitely needs that drop of water to give a welcome level of difference.


I’m not the biggest medicinal peat fan in the world in all honesty. But this dram has given me more interest in this type of dram. It definitely appeals to me more with a drop of water as it gives out a variation on the theme and hits a few positive notes with me. Would I buy a bottle. Yes indeed. I would. Even with the smaller sized bottle in think It is well priced for the quality your getting.

I would like to thank Douglas Laing and Big Peat for the tasting sample. Thank you!


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