Whisky Review – Glenfarclas 10 year old

Glenfarclas 10 year old
40% ABV
£15.95 for 35cl at the Whisky Exchange


Light Sherried malt. Plums. Raisins. A little Coffee. Chocolate. Oak spice. Minimal struck matches. A very nice sherry monsterette of a nose. Not intensive. Pleasant. Easy to sniff for a long duration


Fruity coating taste. Surprisingly mouth coating considering ABV etc. sweet spicy sherried taste. Some easy warmth. All the flavours from the nose are present. Very easy drinking.


Short. Drying. Sherry oak spices. Some coffee mocha.

Adding water?

Just a drop in my dram to see. The nose is weakened. Not quite as sherried but a little more coffee seems apparent. Coffee flavoured toffos! if you can remember those? The palate looses some of the mouthfeel. The taste remains intact. The finish a little more coffee’d. Hmmm. With or without? I think personally I would go with dependant on my mood. I like the standalone mouthfeel. But I like the coffee in the finish which makes this malt for me a little more unique than your more regular sherried drams.


My first go at Glenfarclas. And it’s a good one. A very nice sherried dram which is easy going and moreish. The coffee influences in the malt are a new one for me (so far) and very welcome. I can imagine having a 10yo on standby all the time of Glenfarclas. I’m really looking forward to trying their other aged releases sometime soon.

Bought from the Whisky exchange in 1/2 bottle format.


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