Whisky Review – Glenlivet 12 year old

Glenlivet 12 year old
40% ABV

£27.13 from Master of Malt


Fruity crazy. Apples dominate a vanilla wrapping. Signature pineapple is around and about. Roasting brown sugar encrusts the fruit. Quite an intensive alluring nose that demands drinking.


Quite light in the mouth. Apples and pineapple with a sugary coating. Heat in the middle. A little sour and a malty over taste.


Malt and fruit tingles around for a little while.

Adding water?

A small drop in my 1/2 dram. At 40% I don’t want to add much. It does benefit on the nose with a little water. The fruit becomes more layered and more tropical fruits apparent with some grapefruit coming in. The palate also has more to give. I’m quite surprised at this as I usually find 40% whiskies deteriorate with water added but the glenlivet 12 is much easier and scrummier with that dash. The mid heat is gone in favour of that extra fruit in the nose being present in the enriched flavour. The malt also has more depth in the taste and finish. All around. Surprising to me this malt is.


A nice stable. Easy drinking dram. Can see this is a good starter for a tasting session to reset the palate and taste new things! So surprised at the effect water has on this malt. So much more to give with a dash! Yummy.

My thanks go to the Glenlivet for including me on the alpha tweet taste.


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