Whisky Review – Tomatin 12 bottled by Whiskybroker

Tomatin 12.
First full sherry cask #1598. Cask strength.
58.1% ABV

£36.00 from whiskybroker (sold out)
Also available as the Burns malt at
The Whisky Barrel


Dark mahogany


Sweet sherry. Orange. Chocolate. Furniture polish. Thick toffee. Dark fruits. Sherry monster. Time in the glass settles the strength in the nose and gives more rich sherried fruit cake pleasure. Rich and intensely yum.


Mouth coating. Oily. Sweet and sour. Raisins. Dark fruits. Thick toffee chocolate orange. More time sat around And additional levels of fruity sherried cake batter comes about. So so sherry. Right up my street. Not sure if tomatin fans may think too much sherry though? Who am I kidding. You can never have enough sherry (my opinion! Lol)


Medium-long. Slightly bitter chocolate. Salty. Drying woody notes. Slight sawdust. With more time in the glass more fruit makes its way through to the finish also.

Adding water.

Fair slosh (7ml approx in 25 of Whisky) of water. Relieves the intensity of the alcohol and allows the flavours to be experienced more completely. Same characteristics are there, but better rounded and balanced to enjoy.


It’s a sherry monster. So I’m already biased because its my kind of dram. It’s gorgeous. Well priced. And I love it! Need to get another bottle or 2 in I think!

bugger! sold out! Gutted! But available at the Whisky Barrel.



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