Whisky Review – An Cnoc. Peter Arkle. ‘Bricks’

An Cnoc. Peter Arkle. ‘Bricks’
46% ABV
More details to come.


Amber -1 I would say. Knowing An Cnoc I would expect this is natural coloured.


Initially plastic like, chemical even. Wonder if its the bottle it was in. Letting it sit for a bit. The harsher smells dissipated after 15-20 mins. Leaving a thick dark fruit jam nose. Quite malty with vanilla and a little rum and raisin.


Sweeter than the nose suggests. Sweet honey malt. Very sugary indeed. Vanilla definitely. A minimal fruitiness (rum and raisins) behind the waves of sugar.


Sweetness with old fashioned icing sugar coated boiled sweets. Drying into some still sweet oak chips at the back of the tongue. Quite strange because of the simultaneous sweet and dry.

Adding water?

A few drops into my half a dram. Becoming nice and cloudy. Non-chill filtered goodness. Nose becomes creamier with a little more identifiable fruit. Apples. Pears. Vanilla is more prominent. But then so is the sugar. It’s a baked sugar encrusted fruit tart. On the palate the sugar is dulled in favour of more malty cereal notes. The finish still has all the sweet and dry going on. Definitely one for me with water. I (and I do have a serious sweet tooth) definitely prefer this with water. It’s sugar dominance without was a little sickly for me.


I’ve found this an intriguing dram. I don’t think I’ve ever tried a Whisky as sugar coated as this before and initially that did disappoint me. With the addition of water it becomes better balanced and more rounded with other smells and tastes to locate.

Thanks to An Cnoc for the review sample. Much appreciated.


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