Tomintoul Tweet Taste – 21 year old & 1981 single cask

Tomintoul 21 year old
40% ABV
£51.43 at


Floral. Spicy power to the nose. Pears. Powdered sugar. Pear drops really. Toffee. Polish. Some leather. Time in glass. Gives more polished leather age. More time and the fruitiness is back. Keeps changing. Complex.


Spicy bitey! Quite light and crisp on the mouthfeel. Sweet. Sugar and light toffee. Light fruit compot. Creamy apple and pear sponge cake with custard.


Warming oak spice. Sweet to Drying oak sawdust.

Adding water?

Small drop in a little of my dram. Nose becomes more floral and sweetie shop. Palate reflects this change in the nose. Finish has a little more aged oakiness. Personally preferred without water.

Tomintoul 1981 single cask #5985
53.9% ABV
£223.70 from


Intensive fruit burst. Pineapples. Apples. Pears. Furniture polish and mahogany sideboards. Floral deep inside. Pepper spices reside. Truly is a deep and exciting nose. Can spend an age sniffing this one. Glorious. Creamy custard On a fruit sponge with added spices.


Sweet and sour. Some saltiness. ABV bite is minimal. Creamy coating mouthfeel. Tropical fruit salad chews. Custard cream. Apples/pear intense. Developing into sweet shops with some tannins and stewed tea.


Sweetie shoptastic. Then floral and woody with some dusty pears and wood! Pears stick around.

Adding water?

A few drops into my 1/2 dram it is old after all. Not a lot of change in the nose. But the palate has a massive influx of additional fruity explosives and becomes so much tastier an experience. The finish also has a lot more oomph to it. Truly is a great dram.


A wonderful tweet taste experience. Thank you tomintoul! I loved both drams. If money was no object then 1981 all the way! However, value for money has to go to the 21yo. It is a great value dram giving loads of complexity for your money.


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