Whisky Review – Laphroaig Cairdeas Port Wood 2013

Laphroaig Cairdeas Port Wood Edition
51.3% ABV

Colour. Pink!


Tcp medicinal peat reek. Grass and hay. Tar. Rubber bands. Behind the Laphroaig signature there are some berry fruits. Just lingering in the background. Quite a hot and active nose. One for long sniffing sessions.


Summer Berry fruits burst forwards. Strawberry. Raspberry. Red current. Actually not much in the way if Laphroaig profile in the palate. But then. Keeping it on the tongue for a good long while (surprising not as vicious as you would expect considering the cask strength!) does then give a little of the Laphroaig signature sweet peat, crisp, peppery flavour.


Medium-long. Crisp, pepper driven, neutral, sweet hay/grass/peat remains with just a dash of berries. It’s moreish in this approach, the fruits staying in the mouth with the crisp peat flavours just make this an easy sipper. Too easy!

Adding water?

Well, I really like this neat. But let’s out in a drop. Nose becomes very sweet. Peat well and truly up front. More berries revealing from the background in place of the harsher peat reek. The palate is a little more watery but the fruit is still on abundance. The reduced heat allows for more subtle tongue contact and gives more sweetness and balanced flavours. The diluted finish gives loads of peat sweetness and continued and more intense fruit.


This is quite an epic dram. It’s so different from the Laphroaig that people will know and love its either going to twig with experienced Laphraoig drinkers straight away or get to their brains sometime soon enough, as I think it’s a dram that is hard to resist its pink fruity charms!


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