Liquid Americana tweet tasting

Liquid Americana Tweet Tasting

In conjunction with @whiskyandwines (Arkwright’s Whisky and Wine shop in Swindon), and @theWhiskyWire came tonights bit of dramspankery action in the form of Liquid Americana (#LiquidAmericana). A blind Tweet taste of yank proportion, tasting 5 unknown american drams. Here we go:

Dram 1


Rich Sweet Vanilla, Nutty, Almonds, Marzipan, Some Floral pleasantness, aniseed in the background. Cinnamon spice. Like melting Liquorice Allsorts and snorting the outcome.


Sweet spicy vanilla, chewy, creamy, some coffee chocolate creams.


medium-long – chocolate, oak, a little coffee, and some mint at the very end in the drying finish. oak spearmint!

Adding Water

Loads more on the nose. More floral, powdery sugared flowery sweets. Less marzipan, more balanced/integrated foral/vanilla/toffee. The palate is more layered, and allows for easier investigation. Lots of vanilla, spices, floral, all there waiting! Very impressive.

What Was it?

My guess – heaven hill.

And it was – Elijah Craig 12

Dram 2


Wood spice, burnt caramel, vanilla. Stewed Banana toffees.


Hot, deep dark stone fruits, vanilla, toffee, thick mouthfeel, quite warm though. Sweet and dry!


Dark fruits, dusty oak spices, drying out and very long. Wood tannins.

Adding Water.

Little drop. Kick moves to the side and gives more floral and wood dust. Very spicy, and still quite powerful. Palate has less kick, allowing for more fruit integration and better balance. A little more nuttiness and sweetness on the nose. more water gives more floral!

What was it?

My Guess – Knob Creek.

And it was – Noah’s Mill (57.15%) small batch bourbon.

Dram 3

Nose. Hot

on the nose, cask strength I would guess. Quite closed, hot almond marzipan burnt fruitcake. Cream, butter, light fruits, bananas. Time in the glass gives more spices, cinnamon, star anise, aniseed, liquorice, all light, but all there.


Creamy, surprisingly smooth, and doesn’t suffer ABV kick like i was expecting it to. Very creamy, vanilla, custard creams I suppose. Stewed light fruits, apples and bananas mashed down and simmering in a pot.


Mild, creamy apple pie. drying some oak spice finally.

Adding Water.

Nose is gentler, more floral and gentler spice. The nose definitely needs the water. The palate is so light and creamy, very subtle and gentle, and therefore easy, a complete session dram. This one will go down a treat time and time again!

What was it?

My guess – Baby Blue corn

and it was – Bernheim Original: Kentucky Straight Wheat whiskey (45% ABV) £52.25

Dram 4


Sweet powdery sugar, pears, sweetie shops, some charred oak, a little liquorice. Opens in time to be very creamy and biscuity.


Very sweet indeed. Creamy, easy going, cereal and biscuits, rich tea. Light, but full mouthfeel.


Sugared honey, minimal fruit. Cream sticks around. A little oak tannin towards the end.

Adding Water.

Lighter, weaker. More floral, less cream, more sawdust, less tea and taste. One to have straight i think.

What was it?

My guess – Roughstock Montana Whiskey.

It was – Pikesville Straight Rye (40% ABV), £23.50.

Dram 5


HEAVY! Lots of spice. Large amount of pungent clove, peppercorns, pepper. Everything is quite burnt and toasted with this one, there is some fruit in the background, but its heavily charred. Liquorice, lemongrass, some sweet cream coming into play.


Initially sweet, rum like, almost liqueur. a little heat, oranges, cloves, thick sugar sweetness. Very mouth coating and sumptuous. Chewy.


The cloves and complex spices are back, very long finish, warming, fun, very tasty. errrm, yum.

Adding Water.

The harsher nose notes are toned down to give way to discover some of the fruitier elements, oranges, sugary Caramel coated cloves. The palate is lighter but still has a lot of intrigue and investigation to warrant. Lots of spicy notes that you can spend a lot of time delving through.

What was it?

My Guess – Balcones Baby Blue Corn.

And it was. High West Double Rye 46% ABV. £44.99.


What an enlightening night. As usual, the humbling nature of a blind taste is always so very interesting, fun, depressing and brilliant! There was a great manner of difference of opinion in the overall order of favourite drams. But for me, the order was:

1st Place – Dram 3 – Bernheim Orignal Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey

Joint 2nd – Dram 1 – Elijah Craig 12 Year old & Dram 4 – Pikesville Straight Rye (the value on this dram is amazing!)

3rd – Dram 5 – High West Double Rye

4th – Dram 2 – Noah’s Mill

Massive thanks go out to Fran and Ken at Arkwright’s. All of tonight’s drams and a sample dram pack are available there. Thanks also to Steve at the Whisky Wire for hosting.

Tweet tastes rock!


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