Whisky Review – Aberlour A’bunadh batch 45

Aberlour A’bunadh batch 45
60.2% ABV
£39.55 from MasterOfMalt


Explosive, intense, bullish sherried malt. Fruitcake by the truck load. Immensely spicy chocomochafruitandnut. It’s a complete beast on the nose undiluted. You can do damage with this one. Nose with pleasurable caution! 🙂
With time in the glass the kick slows a little and more layered dark fruits and rum cake come to the surface. It’s a fantastic nose. One of the best a’bunadh’s I’ve sniffed.


Big big kick. Needs a good bit of water. But we’ll get to that in a bit. When the nip subsides you get the richness of the sherry. The rum soaked raisins. Hot pepper spices with some chilli. All soaked in sherry and a handful of raisins/plums. And some coffee as well.


Drying and nutty. Some mild coffee infused dark chocolate. A little salt in that chocolate. And then fruitcake leaves you satisfied that another sip is definitely required!

Adding water.

It needs it to really open up. So a good dollop. Left sat for a while. The diluted nose is still intensely satisfying, but calmed down. Now I get a good sense of wood oak spices and tannins. The in depth Christmas cake is there with added fruit. Spices are warm and cosy. It realty is a heartwarming dram for me! Spiced baked oranges are new to the diluted palate. Along with everything else that was there before but with less of an anaesthetic kick. The nose continues to develop in the glass. This is a good dram to experiment the effect of water and time with. Patience and time rewards! The fruit is getting richer and more rum soaked. Ah, it’s just sublime. Such good quality and enjoyment for the money. Bloody awesome. Sorry. Getting carried away with the joy. The palate is getting gentler and tastier with time. A richness to the sherried malt and rummy fruits is coming through, less intense, more mmmmmmmm. The finish is mellower, not quite as long, but just beautiful. It’s a complete sherry monster. But a bloody good one.
Adding a little more water brings out more chocolate, coffee and orange notes. Just so interesting and deep! Toffee! Toffee as well. A thick rich one!


Batch 45. It’s a good one! A very good one. I’m not the greatest at identifying subtle sulphur, or even dissing it, I can sense a bad sulphur fine. Batch 41 was dodgy in my opinion, not terrible but dodgy, water made it better. This one has none of the bitter or dodgy notes that 41 did. This is better than 42 which was the last bottle of a’bunadh I had opened. This bottle is not going to last long I’m afraid. Worth getting another one in for spare. :-/


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