Whisky Review – Benromach 10 year old

Benromach 10 year old
43% ABV
£31.09 from MasterOfMalt


Quite smoky, bonfire. Salty brine. Vanilla. Light cream toffees. Honey. Apples. Quite hot on the nose.


Vanilla. Light sweet peat. Honey. Creamy mouthfeel. Light and creamy. Some cereal and biscuit notes.


Vanilla. Some salt. Smoke lingers. Light easy going biscuity malt.

Adding water.

Tiny drop added. The nose is more medicinal peat smoke now. Layers of vanilla, honey and light fruits are easier to identify with some pineapple coming into play. On the palate. Fruitier, still light and with a hint of peat sweet, but the fruit is more up front, with a honey vanilla development. Finish is still lovely and light, vanilla, honey, and a tiny amount of smoke.


A very different speyside dram. Another good introductory dram for beginners who haven’t experienced peat, with a drop of water that peatiness can be toned out and it wouldn’t be wasted that way if the beginner didn’t like the peat smoke effect. It’s very light, no harshness there, nice and smooth for a 10 year old malt. It’s good stuff!