Whisky Review – Glenfiddich 15 year old distillery edition

Glenfiddich 15 year old distillery edition
51% ABV
£41.53 at MasterOfMalt


Buckets of rich, intense fruit. Apples, pineapples, tropical fruits. Some floral oak spice, and the increased ABV really packs a punch. I’m getting some candied sweeties (sweet cigarettes), honey, vanilla and thick toffee.


It’s thick. Toffee malt. The bang of the alcohol kicks. Then the toffee is back, fruit medley, vanilla and the toffee chews. A bit of thorntons special toffee chewability in there.


Apples. Loads of then, then The oak takes over for a dry finish. Toffee and vanilla remain. With oak spice and pepper.

Adding Water.

A small measure of water in my half dram. An addition to the diluted nose is experienced in terms of some additional age. There is a definite wood oak, polish note added in. Not massive but in the background. Some sawdust. Additional floral along the lines of mr. Sheen. And some garden flowers poking through. In the palate we have an easier experience to the undiluted taste. More deducible flavours, with some added oak and wood spices, a little dryness in the development and a more defined balance. The finish is slightly weakened, but now has a little more age to the drying oak remaining on the fruit fade.


Anyone expecting a heated up version of the 15 year old Solera reserve may be disappointed as it is not a sherried whisky like the Solera. This is like the 12 year old on steroids. That’s a good thing! It’s nice to see this dram finally has some good coverage in supermarkets where it only used to be available online before. Well done Glenfiddich. I would still love to see some craft presentations of your regular drams mind you. And that experimental cask I tried at the whisky show last year. It was mega!


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