Whisky Review – Glenfiddich 15 year old Solera Reserve

Glenfiddich 15 Solera
£32.92 at MasterOfMalt


It’s ‘tasty’ on the nose. Nicely sherried. Rum soaked raisins. A quality Christmas cake. Baked oranges. Cinnamon spiced. A little dark chocolate in the background.


Surprisingly oily on the mouthfeel despite its 40% ABV and therefore chill filtration. Sweet and easy drinking…oh so easy drinking! Sherried fruits. Oranges. Toffee. Fruitcake in abundance. Christmas spices.


Medium length finish. Warming. Sweet rich fruit stays for a good while. A little salt. Dark (slightly bitter) chocolate oak at the very end.

Adding Water.

I’m only adding the slightest drop. The tiniest drop of water has had quite the dramatic effect on the nose. The intensity of the aromas have increased quite a bit. The fruitcake has intensified, and in addition to the original undiluted nose we have a little added oak influence. The palate reflects this also, becoming somewhat tastier (if that were possible), albeit a little lighter in mouthfeel. More oak tannins coming forth in the development. The finish remains sweet, fruity and moreish as ever.


It’s bloody lovely. So easy to sip on and moreish, which results in an empty glass too quickly (not a bad thing as long as you can pace yourself!). It is without a doubt my favourite of the Glenfiddich range that I have tried so far. Easy, accessible, beautiful, joy.


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