Whisky Review – Glengoyne 10 year old

Glengoyne 10 year old
40% ABV
£28.49 from MasterOfMalt

“Natural Colour” – nice!


Gentle herbal notes and a bouquet of floral dominate. Vanilla and honey back up the nose. There’s a certain youthful robustness in the nose as it is relatively young but does have a delicate edge. With time in the glass we have more floral, and a sweetness coming through. Richer honeyed malt. Some apples come through and a little stewed banana. Needs time in the glass and the nose develops additional complexities.


Sweet! Very sweet. Sweet, rich honey, vanilla, chewy, oily as well. More sugars, caramel, thorntons special toffee, wow, it’s a sweet tooths dream. So very easy drinking. I was expecting more youth and harshness, but there’s hardly any youthful burn. It’s smooth and easy. In amongst the toffee is some apples and softer fruits stewing around.


That sweetness sticks around, with the stewed banana and apple lingering alongside the warm toffee stickiness. It’s a reasonably long finish, which ends with a little wood spice, but mostly those luscious sugars.

Adding Water.

Only a small drop added. Herbal and floral dominates again with a drop of water, dulling the fruit notes which originally took time to come through. On the palate I find that the oily mouthfeel has weakened, the sweetness is the same, but there is a certain loss of depth originally found in the undiluted form. The finish remains sweet and moreish. Personally I think this is one not to dilute. In fact, I would go as far as to say it would have been nice if this was bottled at a higher ABV as per the 15/18 year old versions.


The 10 year old is a very nice entry level dram. Having never had tried Glengoyne until now I wasn’t sure what to expect. I found a delicate, very sweet, sugar rush of a dram. With some added depth, and surprising oiliness. It’s a easy going session dram. Affordable and with good quality to boot.

Please see all my reviews of the 10/15/18 year old Glengoyne single malt whiskies.


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