Whisky Review – Glengoyne 15 year old

Glengoyne 15 year old
43% ABV
£44.50 from MasterOfMalt

“Natural Colour” – nice!


Spicy wood. Sugar sweetness. Honeyed malt. Vanilla. Perfumed floral. Parma violets. Light polish. Stewed fruits in the background. Added oak spice. Its a very compelling and addictive nose, i could sniff on this dram for a very long while. There is a overall added depth to the nose in comparison to the 10 year old. If the 10 year old was 4 ft deep, this one is a good 6.5 ft!


Sweet sweet sweet! A little added oomph from the slightly higher ABV when comparing to the 10 year old experience. The mouthfeel is silky and unashamed. There is a pepper spice around the sweetness, the stewed apples and bananas are bigger and chewier. The toffee thicker and stickier. Once again, it’s incredible easy and sipable.


So much smoother than the 10 year old, and I found the 10 year old very smooth. This is just like drinking silk, if you could drink silk of course! The sweetness is richer and more rounded than the 10 year old.

Adding Water.

A small drop. The nose now exhibits a deeper, more polished oak and floral notes. There’s a more rounded and detailed level to the nose. The spices come through a little more with some liquorice, star anise, and cardamom. TE diluted palate lacks a little of the mouthfeel from the undiluted as expected, but still is most luxurious. The sweetness is still apparent, but the added spice to the nose comes through in the palate also, giving a more interesting and valuable experience. The finish retains those spices as the sweetness fades. It is a very special dram. Again, so very easy drinking as per the 10 year old, but has the additional demand to really pay attention to the quality and the variation of the malt.


The 15 year old adds a lot in terms of oak spice and wood notes to the similar mix of honey sweetness found in the 10 year old. It shows a very interesting lesson in consistency, as all of the same characteristics from the 10 year old are present here, but with that added oak age, spices and a thicker depth to the known aromas and flavours. An excellent dram, and relatively well priced compared to its younger sibling. Having tried the 10/15/18, I can say this is my personal favourite. It shows good value for money in complexity, but it can also be treated as a bit of a session dram, although I would be more inclined to have the 10 year old if it is only for drinking. The 15 year old is for drinking sure, but enjoying and savouring, which is more important in my whisky drinking experience.

Please see all my reviews of the 10/15/18 year old Glengoyne single malt whiskies.


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