Whisky Review – Glengoyne 18 year old

Glengoyne 18 year old
43% ABV
£70.25 from MasterOfMalt

“Natural Colour” – nice!


And now we are at 8 ft depth and counting (see 10/15 year old reviews for point of reference! Spicy, very spicy. Deep oaky spices, cardamom, liquorice, honey, thick dark honey, treacle toffee even. Overstewed fruits, polished furniture. It’s an older nose, the age being very apparent, the oak taking over from the honeyed malt of the 10/15 year old Glengoyne’s. some definitive floral elements remain also, with the breathtaking Parma violets dominating.


There is still sweetness. A darker sugar. Burnt caramel, thorntons special treacle toffee, wood spices flood through, spicy pepper, cardamom, liquorice notes. A little nuttiness is there in the wood as well. Again, it’s obviously the same beast as the 10/15 year olds but with that added age and wood influence, giving those more polish, oak spices and nutty notes.


Still almighty smooth. The spices are here to stay, it’s a longer finish which moves from the spicy to the sweet, then drying out with a finale of wood spices and shavings.

Adding Water.

A small drop. The nose is enhanced with added floral complexity, but a better integration of the wood spices. There is a certain amount of what appears o be rum notes coming through also. The palate reflects the newly found nose, added fruit, dark fruits, rum soaked raisins delving through the mist, very nice. The finish remains long and full of all the flavours of the undiluted with an added rummy note, fading away to that warming spicy loveliness.


Well. My first introduction to Glengoyne has been one hell of a night. This distillery shows some quality, competency and consistency in their malt. With each step up clearly showing its added age. This 18 year old is a hell of a dram. It’s got a lot of complexity, and shows its quality in its age. If you like your malts, rounded, old and deep, this is for you. For my personal taste and budget I am now a fan of the 15 year old, and that is the one I would be getting a full bottle of.

Please see all my reviews of the 10/15/18 year old Glengoyne single malt whiskies.


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