Old Pulteney Lighthouse Tweet Tasting.

Old Pulteney – Noss Head
46% ABV
£39.99 – Travel Exclusive.


Lemon sherbert, peel, underage orange, coconut, light honey. floral bouquet. time in glass gives more wood spices and a little saltiness coming through.


Hot. pepper + chilli. Vanilla, honey, some bitter sugar. quite dry.


Short finish. very dry. oak spices.

Adding Water.

The pepper and heat are died down on the palate, allowing for more sweetness to come forward. A greater range of honey and fruit is present and makes for a better balance. The finish is also not as super drying and longer, more honey stays, a little salt, and the sawdust coming at the end.

Old Pulteney – Duncansby Head
46% ABV
£44.99 – Travel Exclusive.


More maritime. salty sea air, spicy nuts! getting some spiced fruits now. polish.


Sweet, rich, heat attack, dryness again. Honey, vanilla, thick mouthfeel on it. Spicy vanilla honey, supercustard if such a thing existed.


Very dry. sawdust again.

Adding Water.

Lessens the heat and increases the flavour. Some superb lusciousness on the mouthfeel, and a real high quality balance.

Old Pulteney – Pentland Skerries
46% ABV
£54.99 – Travel Exclusive.


Still young. toffee. some light spicy fruitcake thing going on. Chocolate floating in the background.


Thick, sweet, toffee malt. Rum and raisin. Dusting of cocoa. Fruitcake filled. Profiteroles.


Drying again, not as dry as previous. lots of thick honey and sherried fruits are there, some chocolate, and general deliciousness.

Adding Water.

More perfumed. Less traditionally sherry on the nose and palate with water. Preferred without.


For me (a self confessed sherry head) its reasonably obvious that the Pentland Skerries is my dram of choice from the 3. But I was also surprised that I enjoyed the Dunansby Head so much, its a cracking all round, well balanced and constructed dram. If your after something more in between, then Duncansby would be for you. If you like your Old Pulteney and want to try a different take, then I have to recommend the Pentland Skerries. It is a very nice alternative for Old Pulteney, a real cracker of a dram. And at £54.99 for a litre, its good value for money.

Much appreciation goes to @alembic_tweets and Old Pulteney for the tasting opportunity.



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