Whisky Review – Glencadam 10 year old.

Glencadam 10 year old
Non-chilled filtered
No added colouring
£29.65 from MasterOfMalt


Light, sweet, vanilla, honey, citrus juice and peel. Some grass notes. A little creamy toffee in the background. Some candle wax. Surprisingly complex when delving into the nose, initially it felt a little shallow, but it’s deep!


Sweetness, chewy hay, vanilla, honey and toffee. Lovely rich mouthfeel. A little warmth from the alcohol volume, but easy to drink at 46%. Some pepper in with the warmth. A little sour in the form of lemon citrus.


Drying, some wood oak amongst the vanilla and honey, with some pepper and ginger left behind.

Adding water.

Small drop and the clouds come. Becomes more settled. Some floral comes through on the nose, Parma violets. The nose becomes more integrated and quite delightful. Easy sniffing and easy drinking. On the palate, the reduced ABV allows for a more spicy dram. All of the honey, toffee, vanilla notes are still there, but there is additional wood spices coming through, a little more peppery, but it is still balanced and well rounded. There is an extra level of dryness in the palate now also, which continues through development to the finish. Which is warming, spicy, dry, with vanilla and tasty honeyed oak remaining on the medium-long finish. Personally, I can’t decide if I like it with or without water more, so every dram needs to be a slightly bigger one, first half neat, second half a splash of water.


A lovely, easy yet complex, stable dram. I could happily sit here all night with this dram, and come back tomorrow to have some more. It’s a really excellent whisky, showing some real quality. I consider it excellent value for money from this entry level Glencadam. I’m looking forward to trying more on my whisky journey.


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