Whisky Review – Glenmorangie Nectar D’or 15 year old.

Glenmorangie Nectar D’or 15 year old
Sauternes Cask Finish
Non-chilled filtered
£44.88 from MasterOfMalt</em>

*please note the version I am tasting is the 15 year old variant which is now hard to find and has been replaced with the 12 year old version which is linked above.


Intensely sweet. Icing sugar, vanilla, light lemon citrus, honey, white or highly milked chocolate. Some pepper spices. A little oak. With time in the glass more vanilla sweetness comes through. With more time the lemon citrus asserts itself. It’s ever changing in its dominant aroma and lots of time can be spent with this one. Some waxiness coming through now. Even more time and I’m getting cream and apples.


Gentle sweet, warming honey malt. A little salt comes through in the early development. Then cream and chocolate. Pepper, and a little chilli spice. Some vanilla toffee is mixed in there with the heat from the ABV. The mouthfeel is nicely creamy and fulfilling.


Sweet and spicy. The pepper stays a while, with sweet oak influences returning for the slightly salty chilli chocolate finale.

Adding water.

Small drop. Wait a while. With water the nose becomes more floral and peppery. Lemon citrus is still evident with some sherbet. The palate is a little less intense, the rich notes of the undiluted palate are dumbed down a little, still most flavours are present, but it looses a little of the power of the undiluted. It is still a very chewable and luscious dram. Finish is more fruity, oaky and floral.


This is a sweet tooth’s dram. (And having a sweet tooth this rocks my world). Loads of honey syrup sweetness all the way through. A desert whisky without a doubt. Very quaffable and warming. It’s a treat for trick and treaters with all that sugary goodness.


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