Whisky Review – Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban 12 year old.

Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban 12 year old.
Port Pipe Finish
Non-chilled filtered
£41.45 from MasterOfMalt


A lovely little ruby hue to the dark amber colour.


Port! Behind a layer of thick toffee is the port influence of the finishing on this dram. There is some berry fruit soaked oak. A touch of vanilla in the background. A smidge of bitter honey is barely noticeable. The fruit of the port dominates the beautiful nose. Red berries a plenty, all stewed together and delectable.


A massive fruity burst in the forefront, developing into more fruit, with pepper, a little toffee and oak. Red-currents. Strawberries blackberries. All combined in a melting pot with that touch of toffee chewy sweetness. It is a very chewy dram, mouth coating, warming and perfect for winter, chilly nights.


Fruity fruity fruity. It’s all about the fruit and there is buckets of it in this dram, it’s so smooth as well, completely easy drinker even at the bottled strength of 46%. The finish actually goes on for a good while, always fruity, with more of the drying oak coming through long after finishing that sumptuous sip.

Adding water.

With a splash of water the nose gives a little more oak, and a touch of dustiness with that oak. The fruit remains in abundance. While the mouthfeel is slightly diminished, the flavours come more alive in the diluted form, there is a slight salty edge to the palate now, a little more vanilla and honey, with the fruit slightly quietened down. The finish is slightly drier. For me, this is 2 different drams with or without water, both options work. With a splash this dram gives off more complexity and allows for longer trips of discovery. Without, it’s a truly rich and glorious dram to warm the chilled cockles on a winters eve.


I haven’t tried many port matured whiskies. But I increasingly want to try more. Thy laphraoig is the only previous port matured I had tried, and was very nice indeed, a little more challenging than this dram, but then again, with this drams less complexity, it makes for easier enjoyability. So far, this is the favourite of mine from the Glenmorangie camp.


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