Whisky Review – Scallywag

Douglas Laing’s Scallywag
Non-chilled filtered
No added colour
Available for £36.49 at TheGreenWelly

Scallywag is a blended malt from the Douglas Laing camp. It is made up from some of the finest Speyside malts, including Mortlach, Macallan & Glenrothes, amongst others.


Big sherry notes, interspersed with a little vanilla and honey. Time in the glass gives off more Christmas pudding, with raisins soaking in rum. A hint of orange and some chocolate toffee. There’s some powdered sugar on the nose with more time passed. More time and some lemon sherberts come through.


Very sweet, sherried dark fruits, a smidge of vanilla, more sweetness and honey malt. Nicely oily and chewy. A creaminess comes through mid/end development. Creme caramel. Given more time tasting this dram I’m finding additional depth to the sugars, and I’m particularly enjoying the chewiness.


Sweet sugars, creamy vanilla and toffee, then some drying oak, with a little dust. After quite a while there is still a taste of some sugary oak tannins on my tongue.

Adding water.

At 46% it’s easier to drink than I would have though. With a touch of water and time. The nose exhibits enhanced sherry influences, the raisins are soaked that little bit more and plumper for it. The palate is a little more balanced, with the sugars and sherry fruits more hand in hand. The finish is slightly longer with the fruits sticking around with the sugar a little longer, and the drying oak notes coming later on.


A very well constructed dram. Tasty, chewy, Christmassy and very Speyside. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Great thanks go to Douglas Laing & co for providing the tasting sample.