Whisky Review – Glen Marnoch 24 year old

Glen Marnoch 24 year old
Available for £34.99 at Aldi


Initially quite a vanilla cake mix nose, but with time very Complex fruit. Loads of it. I seem to be finding all sorts. Oranges, apples, pears, lemon citrus, then pineapple. A little more time and Polish comes into the mix, with some shiny varnished wood panelling to match. A little dusty museum thing going on. A good start. A little more time and powdered sugar is in the forefront. More time and pineapple back up front. It’s quite changeable.


Sweet. Vanilla. Honey maltiness. Light mouthfeel albeit still reasonably coating. A reasonable fruity mix going on, but is somewhat overpowered by the sugars. A little fizziness in the mid development. A little warmth mid palate, but overall very smooth. I would say more fruit than wood, but there is definite oak spices (pepper) there, just not heavy.


Fizzy Sweets, then a minute touch of salt and bitter, sweetness comes back, finally slowly drying out, leaving a slight oak dustiness behind.

Adding water.

Tiniest little drop. The nose now has almost a little charred wood smoke to it. Still retaining its fruity complexity and aged wood hints. The diluted palate gives a little more woodiness, whilst dulling down some of the sugars. The finish is drier and dustier sooner. And possibly a little bit more bitter at the mid/end finish.


Ok…so….it’s nice. It’s complex. It’s got a few oddities in the palate and finish, but nothing overall spoiling the experience. It’s obviously 24 years old, but probably doesn’t feel like a 24 year old, it feels younger, it actually reminds me of one of the major distilleries 18 year old expression, possibly with a little more in the nose than that expression though. For the money it’s well worthy of a go. If only aldi/Glen Marnoch (whoever they may be) would up the ABV, ditch the colouring, non-chill filter etc, it would be very interesting indeed!


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