Whisky Review – Aberlour Batch 2 – That Whisky Boutique-y Company

Aberlour Batch 2 – That Whisky Boutique-y Company
52.1% ABV
Non chill filtered
No added colouring
Available for £50.95 at MasterOfMalt


Thick syrupy sherried malt. Molasses. Alcohol infused sultanas and plums. Quite pungent, with some alcohol burn. Burnt caramel. Toffee. A little apple. With time in the glass, a juicier set of plums are more evident. More time in the glass and things smooth out, it becomes much easier to nose and gives further Christmas spices. With some chocolate orange coming through to the front.


Heavy sherry, thick spiced toffee plum tart with sugar syrup. Lovely rich coating mouthfeel. Chilli, cinnamon and pepper. After the ABV burn subsides, things level out with caramel, more toffee, brown sugar, chocolate and a tiny little orange peel.


Long sweet finish. Sweet fruit jam remains, some candied corn, drying out with a little oaky spice.

Adding water.

With a splash of water I get even more fruit on the nose, spices more intertwined, and perhaps a touch of floral. The diluted palate allows for those fruity flavours to be savoured even more, this dram really benefits with a splash of water, the fruits are more sumptuous and spices more baked into those fruits. The finish is still sweet and warming.


A warming, fruity, spicy, Christmas dram. Being a bit of a sherry head, this one knocks all my nails.

Much appreciation goes to Master of Malt for providing me with the sample. Thank you. 🙂


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