Whisky Review – Secret Distillery Number One batch 1 – That Whisky Boutique-y Company

Secret Distillery Number One batch 1 – That Whisky Boutique-y Company
55.4% ABV
Non chill filtered
No added colouring
Available for £41.95 at MasterOfMalt


Big and punchy. Sherry definitely. Some tobacco smoke. Chocolate. Coffee grinds. Christmas spices. Raisins. Christmas cake. Orange peel. Slightly waxy. Sherry monster of a nose with some good complexity.


Viscous mouthfeel, very oily. Rich bold sherry flavours. Reflective of the nose. Very sweet and syrupy. Surprisingly easy on the palate at bottled strength. Lots of Christmas cake goodness. Spiced oranges. So very rich. It’s lush. A little coffee and chocolate notes playing in the background. Very chewy dram


Oranges. Sherry. Sweet. Some Xmas spice. Coffee mocha. Drying out into oak spices. But the fruity raisin aftermath is still there after quite some time.

Adding water.

Small drop added. More age appears in the form of polished wood on the nose. A little powdered sugar. The palate feels sweeter, more sugary but still bursting with all the spiced Christmas fruit previously experienced. The finish has more coffee notes and is a little drier.
Adding another drop. The mouthfeel has diminished a little more. It’s less chewy now. But there is a little more depth to the fruit in the palate. Coffee is more prominent in the palate as well.


This is a cracking dram. It’s got nice complexities, is a proper sherry monster and just tastes beautiful. Another dram that marks all my boxes with a big fat rum soaked raisin.

Much appreciation goes to Master of Malt for providing me with the sample. Thank you. 🙂


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