Whisky Review – Glenfarclas 12 year old

Glenfarclas 12 year old
43% ABV
Available for £28.80 (normally £36.00) at Waitrose!

Glenfarclas 12 year old is quite a rare expression of Glenfarclas. For many years it was a travel exclusive, but recently it has been showing up in Waitrose, I’m guessing a bit of an exclusive for them, but do not have that in any way confirmed, so that’s just me making assumptions. On with the tasting. This tasting is from a freshly opened bottle, little time (apart from in the glass) for breathing.


Very sweet, Rich, thick syrupy toffee malt. Moderately sherried raisins. Chocolate. Pepper. Oak spice. Very reminiscent of the 10 year old, easily sniffable for prolonged periods. A touch of soft spearmint in the background maybe.


Dry then sweet, juicy sherried fruit. Raisins, grapes, toffee, coffee, syrupy honey, brown sugar. Easy on the mouthfeel, and easy going at 43%.


Coffee mocha. Drying. Sherried oak stays around for a very long time, with a herbal edge reminiscent to having have had a cough sweet some time ago.

Adding water.

Small drop added. More mint and herbal influences come through on the nose. The fruitiness has been dampened by this added complexity. The palate is slightly drier, still has the wonderful fruitiness, but now has more oak tannins present. There seems a little bit of citrus tartiness in the palate now, some sour coming through the sweet. The finish is still long, drying, more herbal cough sweet aftermath going on. Very pleasant experience.


Cracking dram. Some nice complexity, whilst still being an accessible and enjoyable malt. It’s an easy drinker, which I can happily spend all night with without the need to try something else to vary the tastes, love it. Glenfarclas is quickly becoming a favourite distillery option. Will have to try more…the sooner the better…


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