Whisky Review – Compass Box Delilah’s

Compass Box Delilah’s
40% ABV
Available for £47.50 from MasterOfMalt

Compass Box Delilah’s is a limited edition (6,324 bottles) release to pay homage to Mike Millar’s legendary punk bar Delilah’s. Located in Chicago it celebrated its 20th anniversary this year.

Bottled in July 2013, Delilah’s is designed to be drank alongside a cold beer. Bottle at 40% with. I added colouring and non-chill filtered.

It’s described to contain single malts from the towns of Alness and Longmorn (50%), and single grain whisky from Fife (50%).


Predominantly floral. Some intense honey. Perfume. Parma violets. Powdered sugar. Time in the glass and more creamy vanilla notes come forth. Fruit enters as green apples and some hints of grapefruit. With more time the mix becomes sweet gooey and cake like. It’s a very fresh and interesting nose, quite different, most likely due to this whisky being maturated in virgin oak


Sweet, honeyed vanilla malt. Stewed apples. Creamy custard. Quite a luscious and full mouthfeel considering its 40% strength! really quite remarkable and surprising. It is exceptionally smooth and light. Some citrus and oak tannins come through with additional sipping. Pepper and some cinnamon spices join the party on the tongue.


The creamy custard laden apple pie and cinnamon spice sticks around for a fair time, warming, and nicely oily. Drying slowly and leaving oaky spices.

Adding water.

I would suspect this is clearly designed to be drank from the bottle, but in the interest of science, let’s add a small drop. Wow, it takes a drop quite nicely. The nose is more balanced out, and the definition of fruits and spices are more pleasantly level. There is more of a pastry note to the nose now, and this fruit more heavily sugared. Almost jam like. The palate reflects this also, more fruit and pie going on. The finish is initially sweeter and more drawn out.


This is a surprising dram. Having learnt to be a bit of a skeptic when it comes to whiskies with a 40%abv I did wonder what was going on with this release! But you know what? It’s all good. In fact it’s quite great! Compass Box went out to make a whisky to sip alongside a beer, that’s successful enough, but to be honest, who needs the beer! I’ll just have the whisky!

Thanks to Compass Box for providing the sample.