Whisky Review – The Glenlivet Guardians Chapter

The Glenlivet Guardians Chapter

Three ‘exciting’ new single malt whiskies have been created by Master Distiller Alan Winchester from the distillery’s cask collection and classified by their taste (read: no age statement) – CLASSIC, fruity with soft sweet caramel and toffee notes, EXOTIC rich with warm spicy notes and REVIVAL, fruity with a creamy sweetness.

There’s been lots of tastings all around the world of the three of the drams, and everyone is asked to vote for their winner… You can do that yourself here: http://uk.theglenlivet.com/guardians/chapter-hub

Having have experienced quite a few of the Glenlivets core range, I am very interested to see how these hold up. Let’s start…



Very sweet. Very fruity. Crisp apple. Some pear and a general tropical fruit salad. A light vanilla and toffee cream is also present. The fruit is quite dominant and I sense little spice in the nose. Maybe just a touch of oak spice in the background. With time in the glass more subtle floral notes become apparent.


The palate reflects the fruitiness. There is a little harshness to the palate with alcohol nip, but once past this some really nice sherried notes come through, with some rum and raisin and cinnamon to join in the fruit salad with some creamy custard. On second taste there is a little acidity in the mix which gives some variation to the fruit, but again lots of toffee and cake mix with chocolate chips come through. Quite a nice mouthfeel and creaminess to the experience.


Fruity all the way through the medium finish with some spices normally associated to quite heavily sherried malts, finally drying with some oak spice and pepper.

Adding water.

More of a prominent pineapple note on the nose with the addition of a small drop of water. Still a good mix of fruit salad in there. On the palate some more cinnamon spice is coming forward, possibly a little light liquorice. With the finish being a little drier earlier with some added pepper.



Pear drops. Quite floral. Breathtaking in some respects. Nail varnish (I often compare nail varnish to pear drops as well, but more pungent I guess). Loads of vanilla, some nuttiness also. Powdered sugar. Time in the glass and more of the familiar pineapple aromas come through.


The fruit salad notes from the classic are evident here also, but with more nuts and a different spice profile. Quite a fulfilling mouthfeel with intensive fruit juices flying around. Almost a little too mixed. Some water may balance things out a little.


Fruit-tastic. Really tasty and moreish.

Adding water.

The nose exhibits more of a recognisable fruit profile. The palate is more settled and balanced now, it’s really tasty though. Seems like more of the fruity new make is accessible in this expression and this is not a bad thing at all. The maturation is more subtle I feel and the dram is tasty for it.



Syrup sweetness. Quite thick. Raisins. Fruitcake. Chocolate orange. A lovely sherried nose. Some nuts. Pepper. Brown sugar. Some special toffee. A fattening and indulgent nose. Lush.


The syrupy thickness of the nose transposes to the mouthfeel. Very thickly chewable. Rich rum soaked raisins, creamy toffee, roasted brown sugar. A light nuttiness, and some sweet cinnamon spices in amongst the chocolately fruitcake composition.


The rich, warm sweetness sticks around and influences a grin on my face, being the sherry headed type that I am.

Adding water.

I actually don’t want to add water to this one it’s perfect as is, but would be unfair to the other drams, so. With water the nose seems sweeter and a little weakened. The palate has lost some of that creamy rich mouthfeel which I adore, flavour wise it’s all there and very tasty. The finish has a little more remaining dried fruits and some scrumptious spices. I’m a little bit torn about with or without water. Need more of this dram.


Classic – really nice expression of Glenlivet, quite consistent with my existing understanding of the younger core range, and thoroughly enjoyable

Revival – on first nosing I wasn’t overly impressed, as it seemed a little closed, but time in the glass and the fruit exerted itself and with a drop of water became more balanced and a very tasty dram indeed

Exotic – this is kind of a sherry monster. It’s quite clean a sherried Whisky, well defined and balanced with no particular flavour overwhelming another. I can drink this for a pastime.

Exotic is my choice. But what’s yours? Vote now. You only have until Tuesday (Dec 11th) to register your opinion!


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