Whisky Review – 3D Whisky – Cask Strength and Carry On

3D Whisky – Cask Strength and Carry On
56.4% ABV
Blended/Vatted Malt
Non Chill Filtered
No Added Colouring
£49.99 from MasterOfMalt

3-D is a blended malt constructed from 3 ‘D’ single malts: Dailuaine, Dalwhinnie and Dufftown. It was created by the caskstrength.net guys Joel and Neil under the guidance of Diageo Master Blender Dr. Matthew Crow.

Only 504 signed and numbered bottles were produced and are exclusively available from Master of Malt.


The nose is an great mix of sherry, Floral, Pepper and oak. Some green apple, vanilla and a little orange adds sweetness. Some nice light sugars, but the nose is dominated with intense spices.


Sweet, sherry intense pepper. The development is slowed with alcohol level, past that returns a loving sweetness, very rich cream sherry, creamy vanilla, some plums, pepper spice, dryer oak comes next, sawdust, pencil shavings, spicy giving into the finish.


Spice, pepper, chilli, a little chocolate, sawdust, drying oak at the end.

Adding water.

The spices on the nose are tamed, and it’s floral range increased. There is still a fruity sherried richness remaining which is quite compelling. The palate is sweeter and more fruity, bringing a sumptuous air to the now enriched oak presence. Sherry is much more present end arrival and flows neatly into the oak returning further into the development. There is still a good spicy feel, but it is less dominant when watered allowing for more balance with the fruit and sherry. The finish is longer diluted, spicy, more sherry and sweetness, with the oak dryness coming later on. Water brings this baby to life.


A beautiful creation. Quite closed off undiluted, but given time, watering and observation it is a well constructed beastie. Very tasty, one to spend some time with contemplating 3d tv purchases, but save your money and buy another bottle…that’s what I’ve done. 🙂

Many thanks to Joel and Neil for the sample. Looking forward to ‘E’!