Whisky Review – Glendronach 1990 23 year old Oloroso cask #1243

Glendronach 1990 23 year old Oloroso cask #1243
50.6% ABV
Non Chill Filtered
No Added Colouring
£102.50 from The Green Welly Stop

Glendronach are releasing just in time for Christmas their 9th batch of single cask releases of their awesome and humongous sherry monsters. These are always very popular and highly sought after, so if your interested in them, buy now or wait til the next batch release.


Wow, I think this is the first slightly older Glendronach single cask I have tried, and for the extra 3 or so years there is quite a difference. The nose exhibits many of the familiar notes of Glendronach. The Christmas pudding, soaked in rum, fat juicy sultanas, the clove spiciness is slightly less, with added oak, and a floral perfumed aroma that is quite reminiscent of Parma violets added into the mix. Time in the glass gives more fruity oiliness on the nose, with stewed oranges and some polish and varnish notes in the background.


Another whole level of fruitiness going on. No ABV burn, smooth as silk, mouth feel is smooth, silky and clean. Deeply rich, intensive oranges, peel and juice. Sultanas bathed in rich creamy rum balm (no such think I know, but there should be), fruitcake, warming sherry, this dram just evaporates on the tongue, it’s that smooth. I don’t want to put water in this one. This palate is all about experience, spices are minimal, but the taste is so clean, fresh, juicy and sweet. This dram just sticks to the glass, there’s very little in the way of legs going on its so thick. A stewed fruit basket.


Sweet to dry, fruity intensive, really beautiful stuff, stays around for a good while, massive feel good factor on this dram. It’s all about the fruit.

Adding water.

Tiniest little dribble because I do believe this is perfect without water. The nose has more floral notes now. The cake and fruit quite subdued. The palate is still fruity and juicy rich, with a little additional spice notes and some nuttiness thrown in. The intensity isn’t quite there as with the undiluted version, but it is still very interesting to explore. The finish is dry, oak and a little fruit, a little spice.


Personally I wouldn’t water this one, it’s worth it as a once of sprinkle of water, and I mean very little indeed, just to see how it reacts, but if your enjoying it u diluted stick with it. It’s a fantastic dram. The nose is a little different to what I’m used to from the single casks, as I hadn’t tried as old a one until now, but the added complexity on the nose is fascinating, and that palate is just to die for, it’s bloody amazing. I am a bit biased, I love sherried whiskies, and everything Glendronach does just hits my palate and makes me smile wide! If you like your whiskies sherried and have never tried a Glendronach single cask before, do yourself a Christmas favour and get a bottle, crack it open and just enjoy. Merry Christmas!

Many thanks to Benriach Distillery Company for providing me with the sample.


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