Whisky Review – Glendronach 1992 21 year old Oloroso cask #195

Glendronach 1992 21 year old Oloroso cask #195
59.8% ABV
Non Chill Filtered
No Added Colouring
£91.00 from The Green Welly Stop

Glendronach are releasing just in time for Christmas their 9th batch of single cask releases of their awesome and humongous sherry monsters. These are always very popular and highly sought after, so if your interested in them, buy now or wait til the next batch release.


Undiluted this nose feels a little subdued, there is the familiar Glendronach heavy sherried profile, but a little more restrained. Cloves and oak spices dominate, with the usual Christmas cake bounty hidden away, I suspect water will do this one a treat and unlock the goodness. Time in the glass does bring the cake notes forward a little more.


Very rich. High ABV does have a little bite, but the mouthfeel is silky oil on the tongue. It is so oily. The fruitcake is very intense, oranges and orange oil intense, spices are not so evident on the palate as the nose, the fruit is massive though. Wow. There’s a little nuttiness in the form of walnut, and walnut skin, but not a great deal. The fruitcake and chocolate oranges run the show here.


The finish is glorious. Long, rich, fruitcake, chocolate orange, some drying clove and oak spice, warming chest hugs all round. The sultanas stay for a long time.

Adding water.

Added a few drops. The nose is creamier, showing more signs of the fruit basket we are used to from Glendronach. There is more of a floral heather nature to the dram now, still quite hot and peppery on the nose. The palate is so fruity now, the dilution has really amped up the fruit, sweetness and oily nature of the oranges and chocolate. Fruitcake is big and bold, and the sultanas fatter. The finish is slightly shorter and drier, still has some fruit to it, but the oak is more prominent in the finish.


Another excellent Glendronach. Sumptuously rich and fattening in flavour. It’s what I think to being a good diet Whisky. It’s got all the flavour of the fattening foods that one craves, but without all the calories. 🙂

Many thanks to Benriach Distillery Company for providing me with the sample.


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