Whisky Review – Ballantine’s Christmas Blend – release 4

Ballantine’s Christmas Blend – release 4
40% ABV
£25.00 at Sainsbury’s
*** At time of writing reduced to £18.75


A variable menagerie of light charcoal smoke, rich dark fruit and treacle toffee. Some country fudge. Stewed spiced apples in the background. Truly does have a Christmassy nose, all things thick, sugared and sticky.


Quite dry, but it’s all about the toffee sweetness. Burnt caramelised toffee, vanilla, light rum and raisin. Chewy. There are some good oils albeit it still feeling quite light.


Short-medium smooth finish. Fruit and toffee stays on the palate for a wisp. With some spicy fruit pie filling.

Adding water.

A few drops brings more of a mustiness to the nose and weakens some of the toffee on the palate. It’s worth trying with a tiniest little bit of water but I feel it’s already at its most flavoursome straight from the bottle.


A good solid Christmassy dram. Easy drinking, thoroughly enjoyable. Not immensely complicated or challenging but excellent for relaxing after a big meal and whiling the evening away with this tasty little number.


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