Whisky Review – Bruichladdich Scottish Barley

Bruichladdich Scottish Barley
Non-Chill Filtered
No Added Colouring
50% ABV
£38.60 from TheGreenWellyStop

This is the new flagship bottling in Bruichladdich’s range. Provenance is key to Bruichladdich’s operating model, this no age statement dram is unpeated, has been trickle distilled, and matured on the shores of Lochindaal in premium American oak.


Crisp, youthful. Packed with fruity zing. Fresh apple in abundance. Some stewed berries linger in the background. The tiniest melon is there. A little earthy peat and some hay. Light vanilla, some honey sweetness. Some pepper rounds off the nicely balanced nose. With time in the glass the zing calms, the dram settles with more balanced and a little spicier nose. Some malty cereal biscuity notes also present.


Silky oils slither all around the mouth. Vanilla, malty biscuit, apples, a little melon, hay. All as represented on the nose are present in the delivery. Saltiness is present on the sides of the tongue, giving that Coastal feel to the flavour, but so much more flavour comes through with the fruit intermingling with some peat tang. It is a very tasty dram.


Fruit remains for a good while, along with the oiliness mouth coating. Vanillas, honey, some peat sweetness all hang around, til the finale, which is drying with some oaky dryness, possibly a little tea.

Adding water.

While drinkable undiluted in going to add some water. On the nose we get more earthy mineral notes, extra hay and spiciness at the expense of the fruit, which is way back in the background now. Vanilla honey still stays reliably in the center. The palate, still oily, looses some of the alcohol hit, and still retains the fruit, malt, hay, vanilla, honey, everything. In fact I would say somewhat richer. There is some oak tannin presence in the mid development as well, which goes into the finish, a little more oaky, some wood bitters are now present.


It’s core Bruichladdich. Which means quality, variation, complex uniqueness. In honesty it doesn’t quite reach the richness and depths of the laddie ten (which I adore), but this is one hell of a dram that showcases quality.

Thank you to Bruichladdich for kindly providing a review sample.


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