Whisky Review – Octomore 6.2 (Bruichladdich)

Octomore 6.2 (Bruichladdich)
5 years old
Non-Chill Filtered
No Added Colouring
58.2% ABV
Approx £120 from Duty Free Somewhere

The Octomore is a super heavily peated Whisky from Bruichladdich. Chemically tested as the peatiest Whisky in the world at 167 ppm, it is truly a beast. At 5 years old, and bottled at cask strength with no jiggery pokery (eg. Non chill filtered, no added colour), it is an experience to say the least. It’s not a cheap Whisky, but every Octomore experience I have had has been well worth the extra quids.

As with all x.2 releases the Octomore has been finished for a number of months in an alternative cask. In this case in limousin oak from Acquitiaine. The oak having once contained one of the worlds greatest eaux de vie.

Note. As with any pour, often a little dribble ends up going down the neck of the bottle, as it did in the case of this dram, I wiped the liquid with my finger. It is so very very oily. It feels great, never mind smell, taste, it feels bloody amazing!


Big, intensive, peat bomb. Barbecue peat, not tcp. Briny, seashore barbecues, with fatty bacon burning a crispy way. Very meaty, be warned, don’t stick your nose too far in the glass because it is unforgiving. There’s a little vanilla, mountains of chilli and pepper, then the uniqueness comes in of the x.2 finish, there is a light fruity citrus in the background. A very definite orange twang, amongst some creamy honey soaked berries. With time in the glass more of that fruity variation from the regular Octomore asserts itself.


I don’t know an oilier mouthfeel. So chewy and delightful to keep in the mouth. There is quite a nip from the high alcohol, but it passes quickly and then the joy is to be had. Thick sweet honey vanilla, peat sweet, some slightly bitter marmalade, thick fruity berried jammy flavours. All with a rich sticky sweet intensity that feels special.


The jam and orange sticks, with some big peat retention, more sweetness, a little wood bitters, embracing heat, a fine feel good factor.

Adding water.

I have a feeling that this is just fine without water, but in the interest of the review some has been added. The nose continues its onslaught with more emphasis on the fruity elements. The peat is still there but intensity pushed down a couple of notches. The palate while loosing a little of its viscosity still is massive in flavour, and as with the diluted nose is now far more concentrated on the juicy fruits. The finish again reflects the nose and palate, more fruit remains. Adding another few drops. The peat is back on the nose. Big and brash with the fruit in a more balanced fashion. Palate, weakened again in the oil factor, but still oily, fruity to the maximum, peat more in check. Quite contradictory to the nose. All amazing nonetheless. The finish, still big and fruit intense with a peat twang. I’m sure this can take more water, but I’m running out and loving every drop as it is.


I have followed several standard (x.1) releases, and the excellent 2.2 and fantastic 4.2. In the theme of the x.2s this is something fundamentally special. The flavour intensity and unique experience is amazing. It’s not for everyone, as it is challenging, needs time, patience and the right taste buds. Me being a fan, and determined to always have an Octomore open for those special times when I need a peat hug, well, this serves as another superb addition to the range. I’m going to have to start travelling I guess. :-/

Being a massive a Octomore fan, and not a big traveller, I have to Thank Bruichladdich very much for kindly providing the review sample. So, I’m not a big traveller. Thinking about a road trip somewhere Islay shaped soon though! 🙂


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