Whisky Review – SMWS 127.33 Mouth-numbing mountaineering dram (Port Charlotte)

SMWS 127.33 Mouth-numbing mountaineering dram
Port Charlotte
11 years old
Non-Chill Filtered
No Added Colouring
63.5% ABV
Info at SMWS
182 bottles produced.


Earthy smoke. Hay. Slightly mentholated. Damp socks – (In a good way!). Lots of mineral notes going on, with metal ore. Then, the massive maritime blast. Brine, seaweed, seawater ocean splashes. Some shellfish elements. Wet ocean rocks.


Sugar sweet…then…BANG! But not as harsh as I was expecting, the ABV nip slips by quickly then all that scrummy seaside flavour floods in. Waves of saltwater intermingled with vanilla and chilli. A slight chocolate note slips through mid palate with more seaweed and hay/grass/earthiness following. Some general purpose oil. And of course loads of smoke all the way through, peat reek and sweetness all intertwined. Of course the mouthfeel is lovely and oily as well really coating the palate.


Medium-long. Peat sweet and seaside savoury. Some sweet honey notes on the back end.

Adding water.

Adding a dollop. The nose now presents more sweetness with a citrus edge, still plenty of smoke and seaside aromas. A little more balance though with definite vanilla and honey on the nose. The diluted palate has more sweetness, still quite a burn, so this will take a bit more water I think, but is more chewable and luscious for that additional sweetness. Some lemon drops with a bit of menthol are creeping in now. With the finish retaining a lot of that additional sweetness and some light oak tannins at the finale.
Added another dollop. The nose is still big with tonnes of everything! The grassier notes are returning to the front now. The palate is sweet, oily as, and almighty. More sweetness now, still with peat by the shovel full and a bucket of seaweed/seawater. The finish goes on and on, with a little more menthol smoked earth and mackerel.


Like your big peat blasters? This is for you. A cracking dram, full of smoke and maritime flavours, with a very pleasant sweet edge when diluted. Perfect for cold winter evenings.

My thanks go out to John McCheyne for providing me with a share of his bottle. Thanks John, see you soon. 🙂


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