Whisky Review – SMWS 131.2 Magic carpet in a sweetie shop

SMWS 131.2 Magic carpet in a sweetie shop

Hanyu Distillery
Outturn:646 bottles
13 years old
First fill sherry butt
ABV 55.1%
£159.30 from SMWS


Quite restrained initially, lots of sherry, fruit and nut chocolate bars. Some chocolate dust, not Cocoa, but chocolate invading the nasal passages. This dram needs some time in the glass, after 10 mins more depth to the chocolate and some orange juice comes forward to join the raisins in the fruity chocolate. Some vanilla almond marzipan is joining in now, lots of chocolates come to mind. A box full!


Woh, juicy! Orange juice, raisins, sherry, vanilla, spicy but not too hot. Chocolate is there, and whist the mouth isn’t overtly thick, there is a great fattening nature to the flavour that hits my buds. Held in the mouth the juiciness really floods through, intense, never ending. This palate is a monster, don’t think I’ve had anything fruitier.


Med-long. Juicy fruity joy. Some almonds, thick milk chocolate.

Adding water.

Small drop. Diluted the nose becomes a little more floral and dusty, and looses some of the variation. On the palate, a little more balance takes over the intensity, and there is a little bitterness on the end development going into the finish, which is slightly shorter and less juicy. One to keep undiluted in my opinion.


One to keep away from h2o on my opinion. I just adore the fruity juicy nature of this Whisky, it’s a monster and something I have never experienced I. This way in a Whisky before. I certainly hope I can find this juicy intensity in another dram, because this was really a premium experience for me.

Thanks to Tom Thompson for arranging the bottle share and tweet taste. See more of his stuff at http://www.tomswhiskyreviews.com or follow him on twitter @ifotou


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