Whisky Review – SMWS 132.2 Stunning Panoramio of Exotic Fruits

SMWS 132.2 Stunning Panoramio of Exotic Fruits

Karuizawa Distillery
Outturn:335 bottles
22 year old
Refill ex sherry butt
ABV 62.4%

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Intensely powerful stuff. Very nutty. Sherried malt. Some polished oak and dusty rooms. Some floral depth present also, something Parma violets going on, and very promenade whiff of lavender. There’s an amount of minerally chalkiness in consistency on the nose. In the background is where the fruit is hiding, some fruitcake and oranges are hidden away. All of these notes keep interchanging, foreground to background, ever changing and making you want to go back time and again. Excellent.


Sweet fruity arrival featuring heavily orangey Christmas pudding (waitrose hidden clementine Christmas pudding?!), followed by ABV heat, subsides to more fruit and polished aged oak. The floral elements then come in in the form of those Parma violet sweeties, complete with their dusty texture in the flavour, despite a very thick mouthfeel.


Long. Dusty oak and sweeties, sweet orange juice turning into drier orange peels and dried fruits.

Adding water.

Adding only a tiny drop as it’s on the old side. On the nose the dilution increases the fruit and floral intensity allowing it to take control over the oak. The oranges become more orangey. The dried fruits exhibit a juicier edge. A little more tropical fruit nature steps forward with some apples, pears. Pear drops are evident. The floral elements are softer on the nose. Then after a little time the oak comes back, and things change again. All the while though this nose is saliva inducing. On the palate with the ABV burn slightly tamed, we get buckets more fruity intensity. The sherried elements are more forward now, tonnes of fruit cake, cake mix, oranges, red berries. The mouth thickness is still present and silky. A certain aged rum and spicy kick is also there now thanks to the dilution. The diluted finish, while slightly shorter is sweeter, and the fruit notes hold to the end with lesser drying out.


Wow. Amazing dram. Completely sold out now, so you would have to look at spending 300-400 on auctions to gain this little beauty now. The nose is awesome, ever changing and engaging, you’ll spend ages with it. So much so you won’t want to drink it. But in the drinking is where the fun comes, experimentation with water is a must but don’t overdo it, it’s expensive to drown her!

Thanks to Tom Thompson for arranging the bottle share and tweet taste. See more of his stuff at http://www.tomswhiskyreviews.com or follow him on twitter @ifotou


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