Whisky Reviews – Highland Park Valhalla Collection Tweet Taste

Tweet Taste – Highland Park Secret TT

Thanks again Steve Rush – The Whisky Wire and Highland Park for a fantastic tweet tasting experience.

Tonight it’s the time of Highland Park Whisky to run a blind taste test. I wonder what wonders are in store for us.

Whisky 1 – Blue dot


Floral. Creamy vanilla sponge cake. A little bit of signature saltiness. Time in the glass and we have more toffee and honey notes coming through. More time and some darker fruits come through. @whiskypr said burnt cinder toffee and I totally agree. More time in the glass and caramel and sweet peat come to the foreground. More time and more wax, polish, glue notes. It’s ever evolving on the nose.


Dry, oak, ABV burn passes by revealing sweetness, fruit, peat, caramel, honey and vanilla. On second sip, sherried berries, juicy raisins, very juicy in fact, with some peat going into the finish


Drying salty. Wood chips. Some juicy raisins stay as does the sweet peat.

Adding water.

The diluted nose now gives more pepper and cloves. Waxy Orange notes are more prominent. More aged oak, and wood polish are also very much in the foreground. The palate with the reduced alcohol burn is so much juicier, the orange juice, and red berries now, grapes, so much fruit bursting out. The finish drying oak and some red berries staying about drying away.

Whisky 1 is – Thor
Age 16 years old
Strength 52.1 % Vol.
Number of bottles 23000

Whisky 2 – red dot


Light levels of smoke and salt. Honey. Toffee. Lemon citrus. Powdered sugar. Some light aromas of young crisp apple and underripe pear. With time I’m getting some spiced oranges.


Immediate sweet, malty, biscuit arrival. Some peat, a little effervescence. Light toffee. Changing in time, quite varied, with lots of peat, floral and varying levels of honey sweetness.


Gentle fade over a long time. Lots of toffee, honey and peat notes remain for a very long time. Salty conclusion.

Adding water.

Diluted the nose shows more sweetie shop sugar notes, floral, and much less smoke. The sugars are still in very full on effect. The palate is immediately more fruity. Light, but so much more juicy in its fruits, more tropical, with apples, pears, lemons, pineapple and a little coconut mid development. The finish is fresh, sweet and fruity.

Whisky 2 is – Loki
Age 15 years old
Strength 48.7 % Vol.
Number of bottles 21000

Whisky 3 – Green dot


Lemons. Citrus rind. Floral again, and something sweet and elusive. Sweet and salty popcorn. Vanilla. Malty biscuit cereal with some thick jamminess going on. Definitely a bit of Mr. Kipling’s jam tarts going on! The salty smoke is still hanging around, but in the background. A little mint is present on the edges.


Light, creamy, it’s oily, and not at the same time. With time in the mouth a chewiness of vanilla custard, fudge, some peat in the development. A little saltiness is present, but tiny.


Warming, feelgood factor on this dram. Some creamy fudge and drying oak, with a little peat smoke and salt.

Adding water.

With a little water the nose is more lemon sherbert and sweet shops, with more floral elements coming to the front. The diluted nose has a more peppered punch to it. The palate is now more fruity and layering, vanillas, oak, tea, lemons, oranges, some light spice notes. The diluted finish drier with more oak and salted caramel. Getting a little chocolate in the final part of development and into the finish.

Whisky 3 is – Freya
Age 15 years old
Strength 51.2 % Vol.
Number of bottles 19000


What an amazing night. Unfortunately I haven’t done a lot of highland park’s range of whiskies to date, but now this is something I would like to expand upon, and will do most definitely. The whiskies tonight all really shined brightly and tickled my tastebuds. So evolving and different I really cannot choose a favourite. Every time I think I’ve chosen Freya, I revisit Loki and think, no it’s Loki now. Then revisit Thor…it’s Thor, this is my favourite. Taste Freya again, no it’s Freya. Freya is my favourite….no….I can’t decide….sorry!

So the whiskies were all the Valhalla range from Highland Park to date. I hadn’t tried any of them up to tonight, and I’m very pleased to have had the privilege of trying them.

Much thanks go to Steve Rush at The Whisky Wire and Highland Park for their samples and hosting this evening.