Whisky Review – Singleton of Dufftown – Tailfire

Singleton of Dufftown – Tailfire
40% ABV
£34 from TheGreenWellyStop

This bottle has literally only just been opened, so this is very much a first impression review. I don’t normally like doing that, if I find it changed a great deal in a couple of weeks I will update the review.


Lots of sweet runny honey. Quite light. Caramel, some toffee apple, maybe a little cloudy cider, or even cider brandy.


Palate is reflective of the nose, overripe apples dosed with buckets of honey, brown sugar, some oats, and porridgeness going on. In fact this dram would be ideal with breakfast. Mid/end development I get some bitter tannins which spoil the smoothness a little, but otherwise it is a very smooth and easy drinking dram.


Shortish, sugars, honey, stewed tea and some oak tannins of the bitter variety.

Adding water.

Tiny drop. Killed the nose and didn’t do anything else any good at all. Don’t water.


Kind of basic, easy drinking, some easy notes of interest. Quite the breakfast Whisky!



Just tried dram 2 a little while after opening the bottle originally. There is now a very thick treacle toffee running through the nose and palate. Now in honestly I’m unsure if this is an effect of finishing off a bottle of Glenmorangie Nectar D’or tonight. So will double check at another opportunity.

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