Whisky Review – Lady of the Glen – Littlemill 21 year old

Lady of the Glen – Littlemill 21 year old.
53.6% ABV
Non-chill Filtered
Single ex-bourbon Cask
Limited to 320 bottles
£95.00 from LadyoftheGlen


Very pungent lemon citrus. Sweet and sour at the same time. Some creamy vanilla custard notes. Light sawdust. With time in the glass the vanilla comes more forward and creamier, with some nutmeg, almost egg custard tart like with the lemon juice on the side. The next nosing I find more woody, with some older polish variation. A changing and enticing nose. A little more time and another nosing reveals more polished wood, and some spicy oakiness, pepper & cardamom, with a little more floral coming into the fray. Time to taste or I’ll be nosing all night. I’m getting some liquorice root and ginger now.


Hot & sour. ABV nip gives way to chilli, peppers, ginger, then the creamy vanilla custard come through, more vanilla, here come the lemons, sweet though. With a smooth velvety coating mouthfeel.


Short-medium, mellow considering the initial alcohol attack. Creamed lemons, boiled sweets, drying out light oak dust.

Adding water.

A few drops added. The nose becomes lighter, less intense, but fresh and crisp. Some honey and creamy toffee is now evident, along with more floral notes. The lemon pie and custard is still there but a illite less intense. The palate is now more tart initially, still bursting with loads of now lemon juices, some oranges, sweet apples, toffee, so very creamy, actually getting more and more luscious with each sip. The finish is now slightly effervescent, slightly longer I would say, with continuation on all the flavour themes.
With more water the toffee sweetness is up front, with the citrus relegated to the background.


A varying, intriguing and complex nose leads to a monster of a palate, undiluted very flavoursome, a sweetie fan’s dram. With a little water this becomes a taste sensation. So much citrus, sweet and sour, juicy fruit bursting at the seams. Caramelised lemon tart with vanilla custard.

Great thanks to Gregor Hannah from Lady of the Glen for providing a sample.


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