Whisky Review – The Wine Society Islay 25 year old single malt.

The Wine Society Islay 25 year old single malt.
46% ABV
Non-chill filtered (cloudy with water – no label declaration)
£33.00 from The Wine Society


Light smoke. Iodine. Tiny amount of medicinal peat. The nose is inundated with large amounts of stewed fruit. Pears, melon, caramelised apple tart, sweet gooseberry jam, pineapple. The fruit is very thick and luscious. Minimal vanilla spices. Some oak, but considering its age it has lots of youthfulness in a very good way.


Sweet, clean, fresh and Intensely fruity. All the stewed, jammy fruit nosing notes translate to the palate. The Islay smokey profile is more prominent on the tongue, with some crisp iodine and sea airy notes. The age is evident from the lack of ABV burn.


Medium-long, warm, chest hugging. Sweet, fruity juicy continuation, some sea air, a little peat, after a while dryness comes forward with a little oakiness.

Adding water.

A small drop added, which has brought some cloudiness indicating non chill filtration, shame this isn’t mentioned on the bottle. More fruit is now present on the nose with some increased tropical fruits, almost um bongo in nature. The palate is now a little lighter in viscosity, but still retains an incredible amount of fruit and fruit juices. The peat influences on the palate are reduces a little but intensified on the finish, which now displays those medicinal peat, iodine, sea air notes. With a drying, crisp and moreish final finish, whilst being fruity all the way through.


It’s bloody tasty. I wouldn’t say this exhibits it’s age well, but that’s not a bad thing, it’s retained youthfulness and is full of flavour. An immensely fruity dram. So very tasty and easy drinking. The Islay peat notes have diminished with age, so I wouldn’t described this as a peat monster, but a well aged peaty Whisky. There is so much fruit variation, juiciness and general drink ability I’m finding this quite hard to put down.
This is the first Whisky I have bought with my wine society membership, and I feel I have made the right choice in joining, and am looking forward to trying more as and when they are released.


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