Whisky Review – Aultmore 5 year old – Douglas Laing Provenance series

Aultmore 5 year old – Douglas Laing Provenance series
50% ABV
Non-chill Filtered
No added colouring
Autumn distillation.
Douglas Laing commemorative 1000th bottling
£61.68 at MasterOfMalt

This, the 1000th bottling from Douglas Laing is a young Aultmore made up from maturation in 2 dark sherry casks. It has a lovely dark sherried colour to it despite it’s relatively young age. Can’t wait to taste. This is my first taste from the Aultmore distillery.


Young sherried malt. There’s rich sherry there, but with all the youth of the original spirit very intact. Dried figs, raisin, raw fruitcake mix. A little time in the glass and the sherry asserts itself, with more familiar spicy notes coming forward amongst some seriously sweet sherry. Thick runny toffee. Sweet Cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg, walnuts, some nut oil coming through. The intense sherry is doing wonders for my salivating!


Sweet and dry, with sherry and nuts going hand in hand. A little heat from the higher than usual ABV. Then we are back to a delicate taste, toffee and honey malt, fruit and nut chocolate, a little bit of stewed tea and mixed spice. This is all very mouthcoating as well, filling all the gaps with flavour. A nice dryness is pleasing in the late development. With some sour notes that exaggerate the sweet and give a very interesting beck and flow to the experience.


The dried fruits and nut oil dominate the shortish finish, with some pepper spices, and a little oak to round things off. Very chest warming, and has a feelgood factor to this one.

Adding water.

Small drop added. The nose is lighter now and more concentrated on the sweeter confectionary notes. Toffee & honey fudgery going on here, spices muted somewhat. The palate, lighter on the mouthfeel exhibits a similar reaction to water. Sweetness and toffee notes rule, the spices are still present in the taste but to a lesser punch. Now, at the moment I sound dissing of water addition, and I thought I was initially, but on further sips, I really do love the sweet shop toffee fudge that’s going on with the palate, it’s so very flavoursome and enjoyable. Damn, I was gng to say no water, but I quite like it with now, it’s like a different Whisky. The diluted finish is as with the diluted flavour, sweet and toffudgey (new word invented for this dram).


It’s 2 and 1 whiskies. Without water i really like this young sherried Whisky, lots of flavour and enjoyment going on with a great thickness and feelgood. With water, I really like it also, but for more of a sweet treat of a dram. So, with or without water, well, you can choose based on your mood. Either way this dram is a real treat.

Massive thanks to Douglas Laing Co. for providing a sample. Congratulations on your 1000th bottling, here’s to the next 1000. 😉


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