Whisky Review – Dailuaine 16 year old – Douglas Laing Old Particular series (Japanese edition)

Dailuaine 16 year old – Douglas Laing Old Particular series (Japanese edition)
55.2% ABV
Non-chill Filtered
No added colouring
Distilled April 1997, bottled January 2014
120 bottles released at cask strength

The UK version of this same cask is:
48.4% ABV
Only 91 bottles released!
£64.58 at MasterOfMalt

This is the first time I’ve tried a Whisky from Dailuaine distillery. Knowing Douglas Laing bottlings I’m sure to be in for a treat. Going from the light ‘Chardonnay’ colour of this Whisky I’m assuming a refill bourbon barrel was used for maturation.

Addition: The sample I received for review was actually from the Japanese release, bottled at cask strength exclusively for the Japanese market.


Powerful, zesty lemon, with some powdered sugar. The nose is actually warming, not in a nasal burn way but right down the nose pipes. Some floral flower beds. A little talcum powder. Tiniest little bit of smoke, I would say wood char rather than peat. So, plenty of citrus peel with a little squirt of juice. Hints of vanilla and pepper. Some light polish, showing its additional wood influence, but not overpowering at all.


Sweet vanilla in the forefront. Development moves to Creamy buttery salted popcorn, then Chewy malt cereal. Very mouthcoating and oily, but delicate and that creaminess really spreads. Very light in the flavours, but that lightness is it’s charm and why I frakkin love Whisky so much, it’s so much different to anything I’ve tasted before. Exceptionally creamy, buttery palate.


Medium-long finish starts with a little zesty lemon then it is all creamy, and melted butter. Gooey and pleasing. A little bit of floral oaky dryness at the very end.

Adding water.

Some drops added and time past. The nose is zestier now, with more sweetie shop influence, added floral notes and more dusty oak. It’d say original nose amplified by a factor of 3. On the diluted palate there is definitely more flavour. The lemon juice and pith is now a feature and gives a tartiness to the initial taste. Still very creamy, but more custard and vanilla now in the development. The diluted finish is a tad longer, juicier, and drier at the end. The with or without water debate on this one is an easy win for water addition, but it does need to be experienced neat to get that awesome buttery cream pie palate.


Another dram of two halves much like the Aultmore I reviewed earlier in that it’s so very different with or without water and both versions need to be experienced. This a lovely, fresh, tasty, creamy dram, which I’m thoroughly enjoying. With water it becomes another beast with a fruity, tarty zing of an edge which just enlivens the palate. I’d say perfect aperitif or first dram for a Whisky tasting. Real tastebud opener.

Massive thanks to Douglas Laing Co. for providing a sample.


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