Whisky Review – Glenrothes 26 year old – Douglas Laing Director’s Cut series

Glenrothes 26 year old – Douglas Laing Director’s Cut series
53.3% ABV
Non-chill Filtered
No added colouring
Distilled June 1987, bottled December 2013
288 bottles released
From cask 10141
Around £230 if you can find it


A lovely complex nose. Light honey floral. Buttery and creamy. Vanilla. Confectionary sugar. Citrus. Lemon peel. Fruit cake mix. Spicy sultanas. Cinnamon. Light Pepper. Boiled oranges (I’ve boiled oranges for an orange cake before and it’s reminding me of that!). A little time in the glass and more spicy sherried fruit notes come to the fore. Spiced caramel. Milk chocolate, even fruit and nut chocolate bar. Definitely a woody nutty character coming forward as well. With a slight hint of waxy polish in the very background. More time and more chocolate and light complimentary spices. The nose is absolutely glorious.


Sweet, honey, milk chocolate. Crunchie bars. The development then edges towards the sherry influenced spices, rum&raisin, fruitcake notes, but then more chocolate. Saucepans full of melted chocolate and caramel with Christmas spices. Very smooth, the age has definitely softened this sweet delicious dram, as quite frankly it feels nothing like the 53.3% ABV.


Chocolate, sweet caramel, sweetness all the way to the very end, with a little bit of pepper and some oak shavings.

Adding water.

I don’t want to! But I will add the tiniest of drops as it’s an old Whisky, and we all know that little water is more with these older drams. The nose now has more balance with the spices on an equal level to the chocolate. The sherry spice notes are there in the background as with the oak age. The palate is a little maltier and creamier now, less chocolate, and more malted chocolate milk shake, with whipped cream. Yummmm. The finish is longer and a lot spicier with pepper and Christmas spices in abundance, still with the chocolate, but nothing like the undiluted level. There is now a drying oak note in the final finish.


Fantastic stuff. Absolutely incredible, deep complex nose, which I could sniff for eternity. The palate is the creamy chocoholics dream, and that goes right through to the finish. Amazing stuff, absolutely love it. It’s richer in price, but damn rich in flavour. If it’s in your price range and you can find it then it’s a must dram!

Massive thanks to Douglas Laing Co. for providing a sample.


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