Whisky Review – Ardbeg Auriverdes

Ardbeg Auriverdes
49.9% ABV
Non-chill Filtered
No added colouring
Ardbeg Day special release
£79.99 from MasterOfMalt

Ardbeg Auriverdes is the new Ardbeg Day special limited release for 2014. Auri(Gold)verdes(Green) is a name used to refer to Brazil’s sports teams (including the football team, of course), but in this case it refers to the golden whisky and the iconic Ardbeg green bottle it dwells within. Which is convenient that it’s the World Cup this year, but being not particularly the greatest football fan, it means little to me. The Whisky inside the bottle, well that means more, let’s sniff and sip.

The maturation of this particular Whisky is acheived in American oak casks with heavily charred lids. The effect of which is said to give a mocha coffee flavour effect. Knowing that information I will probably search for such flavour but will try and stay objective!


Distinctively Ardbeg. Rich vanilla, light smoke, earthy and hay. The smoke is more leafy bonfire than medicinal peat for me. Quite sweet overall with some meatier savoury background notes. With more intense nosing quite ashy, some brine and tar going on. A touch of stewed apples and berries deep in the background. Brambles. With time in the glass and a cover on, there’s more wet grass and smouldering bonfire. Something chocolate, salted caramel chocolates.


That oily, substantial Ardbeg mouthfeel is ever present. Creamy vanilla, sweet peat, some pepper spice. The higher ABV doesn’t bite, it nibbles. Some chewy toffee and honey. Definitely some milk chocolate going on. And some saltiness.


Long. Sweetie peatie. Chocolate, vanilla, spicy oak, salt. Then drying out with a touch of cocoa. The dryness stays for ever with a touch of hay.

Adding water.

Small drop in half a dram. The diluted nose has a little flowering bud to add with the brambles now. The palate, now with a little less spicy nibble exudes with jammy fruit flavours, before the chewy vanilla toffee reasserts itself in the development with more intensity. The finish, still long and drying has a hint more chocolatey-ness. A small drop of water gives this dram a lot more depth and increases the enjoyment considerably in my opinion.


It’s a good solid, tasty dram. Most definitely Ardbeg, with a nice twist to the normal. Easy drinking and very enjoyable indeed.

Massive thanks to Ardbeg for providing a sample.


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