Whisky Review – Bunnahabhain 12 year old

Bunnahabhain 12 year old
46.3% ABV
Non-chill Filtered
No added colouring
£32.60 from TheGreenWellyStop

My first entry into distillery bottlings of Bunnahabhain. I’ve briefly tried them at Whisky shows before and always enjoyed the experience, but always after quite a few, so it’s nice to finally kick back with a proper dram and time.


Rich. Heather honey. Sweet sticky toffee pudding. Gooey. Really gooey! Vanilla. Cinnamon. Light white pepper. Cake mix. It smells jam packed (and of jam) with calories! My sweet tooth is tingling. Boiled sweetened apple and pear pie filling. After some time in the glass there is just the tiniest inkling of something smokey in the background. Burnt fruit! Possibly a tad of sweet cider brandy in the background.


Hmmmmm…mmmmm…mmmmmmmm…all of the aromas transfer to the palate, and the higher ABV doesn’t really present itself in a burning way, the mouthfeel is fulfilling, oily and creamy. The vanillas are creamy, the fruits are jammy and the honey sweetness is rich and magnificent. It’s well balanced and just damn brilliant.
I can taste some sherry dark fruitcake stuff going on in the background as well.


Fruity jamminess, heather honey, hugging warmth, with a little drying oak.

Adding water.

It doesn’t need water. But with a drop. The nose has lost a little intensity, is more floral and has a little more charred smoke. The palate again, lost more than gained, still very sweet and moreish, but the richness has weakened, a few more sherry notes, but at the expense of the jam and honey thickness of the undiluted. The finish is a little drier. One not to water in my opinion.


It’s definitely a sweet tooths kind of dram, if you want minerals and smoke and savoury, I don’t find much of that here. This is a total session dram, one to unwind with and savour at the same time. Quality stuff.


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